The Rome International Documentary Festival was born to celebrate the art of documentary filmmaking. Founded by two filmmakers, Emma Rossi Landi and Christian Carmosino Mereu – former directors of Il Mese del Documentario (2011-2014) – RIDF brings the best of Italian and international documentary films to Rome, Italy.

Documentary filmmaking represents a unique way of investigating and understanding our present, bringing unusual points of view to the public, promoting a deeper knowledge of our contemporary world, removed from the conventional cliches of the mainstream media.

Moreover, documentary filmmaking allows space for experimentation, often giving birth to original and courageous aesthetics. It can become the ground of intense research in the areas of cinematic and conceptual innovation.

The Rome International Documentary Festival offers a week of high-level, creative, and unique documentary films, with urgent themes and personal perspectives. It is addressed to the general public, while serving as a venue of in-depth conversation between filmmakers and film professionals.


The second edition of the Rome International Documentary Festivals
will take place from December 1st to 7th 2023 at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome.

After the success of the first edition, our aim is to enrich the program, making the festival a real reference point for both documentary filmmakers and film lovers. We aim to deepen the documentary film culture, by creating ever greater audience participation, as well as provoking thought around the topics covered and creating debate on urgent issues of our contemporary world.

The Festival will be divided in the following sections:

INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION -10 films in competition (Italian or International), finished after January 1st 2022, will run for a €2000 cash prize, to be voted by an international jury of film professionals. Minimum 45 minutes running time.
DOC-ITALIA- 10 Italian documentaries, finished after January 1st 2022, will run for the audience award. Minimum 45 minutes running time.
SHORT-DOC, an online competition will be dedicated to short documentary films, maximum 30 minutes running time. The winner will be screened at the cinema venue.
BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM – An award will be given for Best Film with an environmental topic.
Minor awards will also be given for Best Photography, Best Sound and Best Editing.
The positive experience of the masterclasses will be repeated and enriched.

The selected films will be announced by 1 November 2023